2022 prediction for Hari Raya outfit: The rise of Emerald Green baju for all?

2022 prediction for Hari Raya outfit: The rise of Emerald Green baju for all?

It is found that many people's go-to color is the wonderful shade of Emerald (next to black and navy). This particular shade will never go out of trend for many years and is an evergreen trend. From small accessories for men such as socks, cuff links, belts, ties, vests and to a whole outfit.

Emerald green Menswear ootd

Ofcourse, there are many shades of Emerald or similar to Emerald. Just like in Color palettes, there are tinge of different shades that could make the color slightly different, than of the normal shade of what we know, as Emerald. 

 Emerald green Pane pantone textile silk color shade


"Unlike with slime green, you don’t need to be convinced to like dark green. There’s something reassuring about a jewel tone. It’s sophisticated but not boring — The Cut"


The color emerald can be matched with many colors such as the ones above. A contrasting colored samping (aka sampin) with a tint of Green in them with cream base and printed pink, orange vines with yellow, brown, purple and tiffany blue florals matched with a slim fit cekak musang baju kurung laki ( Right photo) in an adriatic teal shade of emerald green. Even a teluk belangah ( Left photo) Olive green looks handsome matched with an emerald sampin. 

Like the photos above, the color green has many pantones and depiction of "emerald" such as Olive green and Teal.

Cyan green baju melayu slim fit with emerald samping for eid aidilfitri and aidiladha raya haji raya puasa weddings sanding nikah kenduri Baju melayu Baju Kurung slim cut in cyan green pantone baju raya buff father son outfit

Even an emerald samping matched with another type of shade of green known as cyan or light tint green makes a wonderful set. The color pops with grandeur and elegance. An outfit matched with formal shoes and classic songkok can change the look of the outfit. 

But seriously, not all skin tones will suit just any color. If you have a cool skin tone, you can definitely pull of Emerald on top of other tones such as sapphire, rubies, topez and even purple. ( click the links to find your color that best suits you!)

The above particular designs can be found on our very own website by Khalifah by N previously known as Budinadia. The samping however is of limited edition carried by the same brand. It is light-weight, made of soft cotton and printed. A cooling material which can be worn by ladies as a matching skirt as well. Furthermore, it is awesome for tropical countries like Singapore and Malaysia.


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